• Case Management
• Cognitive Rehabilitation

• Comprehensive Day Program

• Community Re-Entry
• Educational Support
• Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
• Independent Medical Evaluation
• Neuropsychology
• Occupational Therapy
• Physical Therapy
• Psychotherapy
• Pre-Driver Evaluation
• Speech/Language Pathology
• Vestibular Rehabilitation
• Vocational Rehabilitation

An RN Case Manager acts as a liason between the insurance company and the client to help facilitate rehabilitation services. The Nurse Case Manager works within the framework of the interdisciplinary team to maximize the clients rehab potential.

Therapy focuses on improving thinking skills such as attention/concentration, memory, information processing and problem solving. Cognitive therapy includes the teaching of compensatory strategies to assist clients in achieving greater independence. Academic support is also available.

The Day Program is an individualized, goal-oriented program providing Full Day and Half -Day Programs. Through individual and group treatments, each client is assisted in regaining as full
and independent a life as possible.

Our Day Program is a clear choice for the individual who needs a full range of physical rehabilitation services on a short-term basis and has adequate support to return home at the end of each day.
We incorporate an interdisciplinary approach utilizing our case management staff

A Community Based Program that provides a bridge between treatment and community leading to successful re-integration and independence.

Psycho-educational evaluations and Comprehensive Educational and Therapeutic programs offer physical therapy, Occupational Therapy and supplementary and compensatory instruction.

FCE's are used to determine safe lifting capacities, the need for modification of work -related activities, cardiovascular endurance and proper body mechanics. FCE's are performed by registered occupational therapists and /or licensed physical therapists. Upon completion of the FCE, recommendations are made regarding the need for work hardening and work conditioning programs, job modifications or the need for additional therapies.

Evaluations are offered for physical therapy, assistive equipment, and neuropsychological services.

Evaluations are performed to assess the nature and extent of cognitive difficulties associated with acquired brain injury and other neurological disorders. Areas of functioning evaluated include attention/concentration, memory, language, visual-spatial skills, executive functions, sensory-motor skills, and emotional adjustment.

Activities of daily living assessment, strength/dexterity assessment, visual/perceptual assessment, hand therapy, functional cognitive assessment and treatment to develop and enhance daily living skills.

Highly skilled, comprehensive, individualized therapy designed to promote greater independence. Treatment programs are based on neuromuscular re-education principals and incorporate functional skill reacquisition models to help you maximize your potential.

Assessment of cognitive and physical limitations and their impact on driving skills and safety. Recommendations for the remediation of driving skills are provided. On the road tests can be arranged as part of the evaluation, as well.

Independence Psychology Group - Psychological services are also offered to the general public. Outpatient psychotherapy is provided for a variety of psychological conditions and problems.

Comprehensive services offered by ASHA Certified, State Licensed Professionals. Services include evaluation and therapy for the following disorders: articulation, language (stroke, brain injury), cognitive-linguistic deficits, voice, stuttering and dysphagia.

Addresses the needs of those clients who have sustained central or peripheral vestibular deficits. Working on regaining stability for persons with balance and dizziness problems and persons with frequent falls.

Services are geared towards helping a client achieve independent employment through
occupational trials, return-to-work assessment, functional capacity evaluation and counseling.

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